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Common Reason of Outlook PST Files Corruption & How to Fix it

Worldwide users depend upon Microsoft Outlook to manage emails, contacts, scheduling meetings, etc. In MS Outlook, all information is stored in a single file, which is known as PST (Personal Storage Table) file.

By default, MS Outlook creates PST file in C drive and saves all MS Outlook data like emails, contacts, calendar, task, notes etc., in it. If by any chance corruption or damage of Outlook PST file occurs, then you will lose all your important MS Outlook data.

There are several reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST file as well as ways to know how to repair corrupted Outlook PST file.

Main Causes of Outlook Data File Corruption

When you face difficulty in accessing or opening MS Outlook, then it is a simple indication that your PST file may be corrupted. Outlook PST file corruption occurs due to various reasons but we have divided these in two categories;
  1. Hardware Reasons
  2. Software Reasons

1.) Hardware Issues of Outlook Data Corruption: - When your system hardware fails to save and conduct Outlook data PST file, then your PST file is probably corrupted.  Few such issues are listed below;
  • Data Storage Device Failure or Damage: - When your system storage device is damaged or corrupted then you will lose your Outlook PST file. Another example, if your system drive has bad segments and Outlook PST file is saved on the same segments then you may not be able to read MS Outlook PST file correctly.
  • Faulty Networking Device: - When MS Outlook PST file exists on the network   and you try to use it from a client PC, via network links. There is a chance that network hardware like cards, cables, routers and any other device, which is used to establish network links may surface problems. In that case, this remote connection of PST file may make it corrupted.
  • Power Letdown: - If MS Outlook is open and an instant power failure takes place or you shut down or power down your computer without exiting from MS Outlook, then you may face the PST file corruption or damage issue.

There are many ways to secure or reduce the chances of corrupting PST file, which occur due to hardware problems. For example, by using UPS you can easily resolve the power failure issue.  By using reliable and high quality hardware devices also, one can reduce the chances of PST file corruption issue.

2.) Software Issues of PST File Corruption: - When you use a tool or any other utility in an improper way, which is related to Outlook or Windows then due to these reasons your Outlook PST file can be corrupted. Many Outlook data file corruption arise due to software clashes. Few of them are mentioned below;
  • Wrong Way to Recover System File:- You may wonder a file recovery tool may cause Outlook data file corruption. But it is true, sometimes when your system file is broken and you will use a Hard drive recovery tool to recover that file. After that you will not be able to open this PST file because the tool used to recover this file failed to so with complete data structure.  A bad tool/expert will make the situation more defective rather making it better. Therefore, when facing a situation like this, use a reliable and trustworthy tool to recover System file.
  • Bug or Other Double-Dealing Software: - There are many virus/bugs, which damage / infect MS Outlook PST file and make it inaccessible.  So to resolve this type of issues you need to install high quality anti-virus software for your MS Outlook.
  • Close MS Outlook Unnaturally Way: - Normally any Outlook user should close MS Outlook effectively by saving all data of MS Outlook and click on the “close” button from the right side of the screen. However, if we close MS Outlook in an improper way like improper shutdown and power failure, close from the task manager or similarly, then MS Outlook PST file is possible to be damaged or corrupted.
  • Exceeding the PST file Size Limit: - Large MS Outlook PST files always create problem for Outlook users. It is the main reason of PST file corruption. For example in Outlook 2003 and previous versions, the maximum size limit for PST file is 2GB. Therefore, when PST file reaches 2 GB of file size its data is corrupted. In the latest MS Outlook editions, this limit has been extended up to 50 GB, when PST file reaches to this limit then it will be corrupted. So in order to resolve these types of issues you need to reduce Outlook PST file size and prevent PST file from the corruption issues.

How to Recover Corrupt PST Files in Secure Way

If your MS Outlook PST file is corrupted then you can easily recover its data by using Inbox repair tool, which is a free inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft. Inbox Repair Tool works only when PST file corruption level is low. If PST file is highly corrupted then you may need to use a third party Outlook Recovery tool to repair/restore/recover MS Outlook PST file.

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