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How to Open MS Outlook in Safe Mode

Safe Mode in MS Outlook

MS Outlook is most of famous email clients to communicate for personal and business purpose. Most of the users face many issues with MS Outlook like; Outlook add-in corrupt, Outlook freezing and view of mail data etc. When users search the solution to resolve these types of errors then most of the Outlook experts told users to check MS Outlook in safe mode.

Now Question is what is Safe Mode and How it Helps Users

In MS Outlook, third party add-ins, custom extensions are one of the most common reasons to create problem to run MS Outlook smoothly. When you switch MS outlook in safe mode then Outlook starts without any custom extension, registry, add-in and any other customizable files. In safe mode, MS Outlook works smoothly and effectively then we remove this add-ins and extension from MS Outlook to prevent the client from getting into further problems.

How to Open MS Outlook in Safe mode

Many ways are available to start MS Outlook into safe mode. Few of them are list in below;
  1. Open Outlook holding CTRL key.
  2. Use run command to open it.
  3. Create a shortcut.
1. Holding CTRL Key: Users can use CTRL key of keyboard to open MS Outlook in the safe mode. When holding CTRL key” on your keyboard, click on the “Outlook” shortcut then Outlook automatically detects it. After that user gets a message at popup window, “Outlook has detected that you are holding down the CTRL key. Do you want to start Outlook in safe mode? Now click on the yes button and Outlook starts in the safe mode.

2. Use Run Command: - Users can easily start MS Outlook into safe mode by using the Run command and search option.
  1. In Window XP: - Click “Win+R” from keyboard and type “outlook.exe /safe” in search box and hit the enter button.
  2. In Windows Vista and 7: - Click on the Window icon and type “outlook.exe /safe” in search box. After that click on the enter button.
  3. In Windows 8: Open “start” screen and type outlook.exe /safe in the search box and hit the Enter button to start MS Outlook in the safe mode.
  4. In Windows 10: In windows 10 Search box on the main screen so users easily type “outlook.exe /safe” and click on the enter button to open safe mode in MS Outlook.

3. Create Shortcut for Safe Mode: Users can effectively create a new shortcut to Outlook.exe with safe switch.

Firstly, open the location of Outlook.exe. Users can easily find the location of Outlook.exe by following this path;
  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office <version number>

Now copy the location of Outlook.exe. After that, you need to create a shortcut with the safe switch to secure your important time from opening all windows each time. You can easily create a shortcut with safe switch;
  • Now Right click at a blank space on your Desktop
  • Select the “New” option from the menu and choose the "Shortcut".
  • After that a windows pops up. This window asks to you the path of item. Now paste location of "Outlook.exe with /safe".
  • Click "Next" to continue the process.
  • After that, type the name for shortcut; Outlook Safe mode and click on the "Finish" button.

Users can easily use MS Outlook safe mode without any additional add-on files or plug-ins required. It creates the problem for MS Outlook. But after using safe mode, Outlook creates problems then it indicates that the problem lies with the storage file. Now you may need to recover Outlook PST file by using Inbox Repair tool, which easily resolves all Outlook issues.

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