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How to Organize Meeting (Schedule) in Outlook – Windows System

Scheduling a meeting in an organization symbolize that be present on time at particular date and place for the discussion. Using Microsoft Outlook you can create the meeting schedule and invite you all your friends easily. Through this you can track the meetings schedule and escape from disappointments. You know that MS Outlook uses e-mail and calendar for finding the details of this kind of information. To organize the schedule of meeting use the following and understand the presentation of the people.

Steps for scheduling meeting Requesting In Outlook!!

For MS Outlook 2007

Step 1 :- In Outlook 2007: Go to file menu, click on new >>meeting request. Or press short-cut key CTRL +SHIFT +Q.
An Untitled meeting box will be opened.
Step 2:- Type the “Title of meeting” in “Subject box” and “Location of meeting” in the “Location box”.
Step 3:-   Select the start and end time for the meeting.
Note:- If you want to schedule this meeting every day then click on All Day Event check box.
Step for MS Outlook 2010 and 2013 is same
Step 1:-   Select the "Calendar" from the left pane of MS outlook Go to Home Tab, click on new meeting.
An Untitled meeting box will be opened.
Step 2:- In this box, set the Date and Time, and Description.
  •     In the Subject box, type a description.
  •     If you want to schedule this meeting every day then click on All Day Event check box.
  •     In the meeting request body, type any information that you want to share with the recipients. You can also attach files.

NOTE:-    If you want to schedule meetings based on an alternate time zone, on the Meeting tab, in the Options group, click Time Zones.
Step 3:- In the Location box, type the meeting’s Location.
Step 4:- Click On the Meeting tab, in the Show group, click “Scheduling” Assistant.
     Note:- Scheduling is another feature has been added into the meeting. It means, you can add more people in your meeting after creating the meeting events in Outlook. In this you can add people through contact list, recipient etc, Once you are ready to sent invitations  then send it directly within the scheduling assistant, The Scheduling Assistant helps you find the best time for your meeting.
Step 5:- Click “Add Others”, and then click Add from Address Book.
Step 6:- Click the name from the Results list, then click “Required”, "Optional", or "Resources", and then click “OK”.
"Required" and "Optional" attendees appear in the "To box" on the "Meeting tab", and "Resources" appear in the Location box.
Once you send this schedule to the recipients, or attendees, then they will get two options (accept and decline). However, they accept the meetings request then it will automatically add into the calendar circular, if they decline, then you will get notification from the recipient response.
Click on the Appointment button from the ribbon area and go back and edit the invitation email quickly.
After some time you will see that meeting has been added into your calendar, once the email invitation accepted by the clients.

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