Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Create Appointments in MS Outlook ?

Appointments:- Those activities you have schedules in outlook calendar that known as outlook appointments. You will create and change appointments with the help of few easy steps.

How to create appointments in MS Outlook?

By the using of few easy steps you will easily create appointments in MS Outlook.

Step 1:- Click on “Calendar” tab from the navigation pane and after that click on “New Appointment” option.

Step 2:- After that this window open here users need to fill “Subject and Location” for appointment.

Step 3:- Here you will set the “Start time” and “End time” for appointment.

After that you will set your activity in the appointment time.

Step 4:- Now click on the “Recurrence” Tab

After clicking on “Recurrence” button open this window. Here you will get three main options 1st is Appointment time, 2nd is Recurrence pattern and 3rd is Range of Recurrence.

Step 5:- If you want to add a Reminder for appointments then you will set it by clicking here:

After that you will need to click on “Save and Close” button to save appointments.

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