Monday, 28 April 2014

Introduction to the Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar is the calendar and scheduling components of MS Outlook which works with emails, contacts and all other features. With the help of MS Outlook calendar you will easily perform many tasks to manage Outlook and personal data. Few are bellows:
  • Create appointments and events
  • Organize meetings 
  • View group schedules
  • View calendars side-by-side    
  • View calendars on top of one another in overlay view
  • Link to calendars on Microsoft SharePoint sites 
  • Send calendars to anyone through email
  • Publish calendars to Microsoft
  • Manage another user's calendar
Create Appointments and events:- With the help of Outlook calendar you will easily create Appointments and events. By the using of MS Outlook you will easily manage your daily officially and professionally daily activities. You will view and manage your appointments by day, week, and month as per their requirement. Events is two type in Outlook short time events and annual events short time events include watch movie, play match or vacation and in annual events includes which items occurs yearly on a specific dates like birthday, anniversary. You will add reminders for your appointments and events. Get More info about How to create appointments.

Organize meetings:- By the using of MS Outlook you will easily create a meeting request and send the selected peoples. When you send the meeting invitations of peoples then they receive their invitations in their inbox. When receiver open their inventions in their mailbox then they get three options accept, tentatively accept or decline your meeting request by clicking a single button. After that you will get all notifications of meeting request in your outlook calendar. If meeting organizer allow to users the users propose alternate meeting times. Meeting organizer easily tracks who accepts or declines the request or who propose alternative time for meeting by the opening request. How 

View Group Schedules: - Manage many people’s availability at once by creating group schedules. In Outlook 2007 it is called a Group Schedule and in outlook 2010 it is called a calendar Group.  This feature is more important when you want to schedules time with the co-workers.

View calendars Side-by-Side: - You will easily view side-by-side multiple calendar which created by you and shared by other outlook users. With the help of this feature you will easily manage your personal and professional calendars easily. By the using of side-by-side view options you will easily copy and move appointments and events between displayed calendars easily if calendar owner permitted you to changes in calendar. By using of navigation pane you will easily share own outlook calendars and view other shared calendars.

View calendars on top of one another in overlay view: - You can use overlay view options to view multiple calendars which created by you and shared by other Outlook users. For example you will create a personal calendar and also created a professional calendar. By the using of overlay view you will easily view where you have free times.

Link to calendars on Microsoft SharePoint sites:- If you have account on SharePoint sites then you will easily see all events in your Outlook calendars and you will easily change in list when you work offline in Outlook and change automatically synchronized when you connect internet.

Send calendars to anyone through email: - You will easily send your MS outlook calendar by emails in few easy clicks by internet Outlook calendars. When you are sending a calendar by internet calendars you have control which data you want to share with others.

Publish calendars to Microsoft You will easily publish outlook calendars at officially Microsoft with all control of who can see and access it.

Manage Another User's Calendar:- By the using of Outlook Delegate feature you will easily manage another user’s Outlook calendar and all folders. With the help of this feature an outlook users easily access outlook folders like calendar in the absence of another outlook users. For example a manager or his assistant works. Assistants always manage manager appointments or events and manage meetings. So with the help of delegate feature Assistant easily manage Outlook calendars of manager.              

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